Push Hands – Yin Skills 4/4 – Being soft

Push Hands - Being soft

Push Hands – Being soft

After mastering the first three yin skills, our training takes a free form.

Our aim now is to become soft, i.e. sensitive to the touch of another person. While we still work with our body, it is our awareness which takes the central role in this phase of our training.

One central skill is to get used to the touch and to unexpected developments, so that our nervous system does not overreact and we stay calm. Therefore, it is necessary to leave our training patterns behind for a bit. – We may still return to them later, if we detect structural issues or basic problems with our timing.

The other central skill is carefulness. To move with care concerning our partner is an exercise in self-control as well as a challenge for ourselves to stay responsive throughout the exercise, no matter whether we are “attacking” or “defending”.

To be able to merge awareness and carefulness while being in contact with a partner, is the meaning behind the Tai Chi expression of “being soft”.

Have fun practising and maybe come and join us!

Check out our autumn workshops and the 22nd edition of our International Push Hands Meeting in February 2023! – Beginners are always welcome!

Push Hands – Being soft video