Push Hands – Yin Skills 1/4 – Turning

Push Hands - Yin Skills 1/4 - Turning

Push Hands – Yin Skills 1/4 – Turning with video

Welcome to our mini-series on Push Hands! 

Learning Push Hands in the beginning may be a bit overwhelming. We begin with two people touching each other – which is unusual enough. Then a push is coming in and there are so many options: How to react?

In our experience, reducing the three dimensions of space to two is the best way to teach and to learn the final goal of all push hands practice: to get safely out of the way of an attack.

So our first defensive or „yin“ skill is turning: When we are pushed, we turn the hip – and with it our torso – out of the line to the attack. To develop this skill, we work on a horizontal plane. The best way to start is one push to the right, followed by one push to the left. – Then change roles!

Have fun practicing!

Don’t know how to start? Come to one of our autumn workshops or join us for the 21st International Push Hands Meeting in February 2023!