Push Hands – Yin Skills 2/4 – Melting 

Push Hands - Yin Skills 2

Push Hands – Yin Skills 2/4 – Melting with video

Turning to get out of the line of a push has been the first skill on our way towards being soft in Push Hands. 

In this second video, Nils and Birgit demonstrate the second yin skill: Melting.

Learning how to move on a horizontal plane while turning sometimes feels mechanic, stiff and artificial to both partners.

Therefore, we now soften a little around the area of the hip joints, as if we are melting away from the pressure of the push. While the turning move is almost the same, we will experience now that the plane on which we are turning will slightly shift, following the design of the hip joint.

Instead of turning “like a millstone“, which is a two-dimensional beginners exercise, we begin to move our torso on the surface of a sphere: the head of the thigh bone. This makes our movement softer and more natural.

Have fun practising and stay tuned for part 3!

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