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basic posture

The basic posture

In the basic posture, all joints are slightly bent. This supports an optimal supply of the extremities. We stay in our basic posture over the whole course of the form. The posture is best described referring to its arches. Arches in the legs In the basic posture, one „sits“, which […]


Prepare your Tai Chi / Qigong trial lesson

Tips – Prepare your trial lesson A good preparation is half of the pie! For your way to the Tai Chi / Qigong trial lesson, we have assembled a few hints and some questions for you to chew on. Try to look behind the façade When going to trial lessons, you […]

The little book of Tai Ji Quan

This article is an excerpt from ‘The Little Book of Tai Ji Quan’ by Dr Ben Morris. Authors foreword The pursuits and achievements of the past masters, and of their written work; what use is all of this? It was not written to describe some esoteric babble, nor was it […]

Basics of Tai Chi

There are many reasons for practicing Tai Chi and related arts and because of that there is a wide range of people who take up the art with differing ideas of what it is they think it is. There are a number of key tai chi styles and many variations […]