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Qigong Studies

Overview Qigong Studies

Overview Qigong Studies: Some studies concerning Qigong and healing As pointed out above, until now there is NOT any conclusive evidence whatsoever, that Qigong – irrespective of the sets and methods trained – has any tendency to heal certain diseases or illnesses. It is also NOT scientifically proven that any […]

Assessment of Publications on Qigong and Healing

Assessment of Publications on Qigong and Healing

Some key points for the assessment of publications on Qigong and healing: What are possible clues for the assessment of a publication? Is a scientist a Qigong expert? Is a Qigong expert who really gets into the details of the art – i.e. „researches“ as part of his work – […]

Sources of medical research about Qigong and Healing

The difficulty for all people interested in Qigong research is that with Qigong being a exercise system aimed at overall health the articles are scattered over different research areas. The question thus is: Where to start? Research conducted at university institutes is regularly published in respective scientific or professional journals, […]

Qigong studies – background and significance

Qigong and healing part 3 – Qigong studies – background and significance This part explains how Qigong studies refer to their subject Qigong (What is Qigong?). The most common kind of study is explained and its background and significance is explored. Qigong research – What is Qigong? A practical problem of […]

Qigong Scientific Studies

Qigong and healing part 2 – Qigong Scientific Studies Cultural and methodological challenges Scientific studies about the efficiency of Qigong face a double challenge. For one thing, the cultural background of Qigong leads to a specific view of the human condition, which in part conflicts with the Western view on […]

Qigong and healing

Qigong and healing part 1 – Subjective effects and scientific studies General health aspects and individual healing effects Qigong, working with the Qi (life energy), is commonly known as furthering overall health. – However, its underlying idea of Yangsheng – nurturing of life force or short: care for life – […]