Qigong Upper-Body Wake-Up Exercise

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2 Minute Qigong Upper-Body Wake-Up Exercise by Faye Li Yip


In this video Fay Li Yip guides you through a simple, 2-minute, qigong routine designed to loosen, your neck and shoulders, and wake up your upper body.
As we tend to hold a lot of stress in our shoulders and upper body these exercises provide a good start to the day, helping you to prevent an accumulation of tension in these areas.

Faye Yip Was born to a traditional Chinese Martial Arts family in Beijing and has, since the age of 7 studied Shaolin Quan, Xingyi, Bagua & Taijiquan under her father (Prof. Li Deyin). She has been teaching in the UK since 1990 and has produced many medal winners. She is President of the British Health Qigong Association. www.deyin-taiji.com

Video “Qigong Upper-Body Wake-Up Exercise with Faye Yip”

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Author: Ronnie Robinson

Images: Ronnie Robinson