Tui Shou San Shou

From Tui Shou to San Shou with Gianfranco Pace & Margherita Padalino

Some of the most popular imagery of tai chi is usually a demonstration of a series of slow, gentle movements, strung together to create a tai chi ‘hand form’. Because of this it is often difficult for people to see the potential of tai chi as a realistic martial art.

One of the key elements elements when applying tai chi as a martial art is to be relaxed, fluid and able to move effectively in a spontaneous, smooth manner.

Generally the majority of tai chi practitioners will begin their training by performing a range of exercises to loosen the body, relax the joints and sharpen the mind. From simple, solo qigong exercises, to gentle partner exercises the practitioner will develop flexibility, softness, focus and awareness along with ‘listening’ skills which help to understand the opponent’s intentions and to evade and/or counter any potential attack.

These short films, performed by Gianfranco Pace and Margherita Padalino of the International Taijiquan KungFu Association (ITKA), based in Sicily.

Video “Tui Shou San Shou”

Author: Ronnie Robinson

Images: Ronnie Robinson