Why I do Tai Chi


Tai Chi, being a multi-faceted art attracts people from all backgrounds for many differing reasons. Some are looking for the health aspects, for meditative relaxation, to increase confidence and grounding, to become more energised and alert or to attain martial skills. Whatever your reason for taking up tai chi the various pages of this website includes material to help you get the most from your training.
Here we include a few videos from various European players, outlining why they continue to study the art. We welcome contributions in text and/or video format.

Why I do Tai Chi – Anya Meot

Why I do Tai Chi – Ronnie Robinson

Why We Do Tai Chi – Various Teachers

Wee Kee Jin, Ken Van Sickle, William C C Chen, Rosa Chen and Lau K King about why they do Tai Chi

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Author: Ronnie Robinson

Images: Ronnie Robinson