Faye Li Yip (Telford, UK) Qigong & Taijiquan

Faye Yip

Faye Li Yip’s life and work

Faye Li Yip (Telford, UK) Qigong & TaijiquanA highly accomplished female master and a passionate teacher of Tai Chi & Qigong, Faye was born in a famous martial arts family. The most popular 24 Form Taijiquan and the Tai Chi Kungfu Fan are among a number of widely followed Tai Chi forms created by her family.

A long term advocator for dissemination of traditional Chinese culture, she sees Tai Chi & Qigong a form of holistic medicine that can improve one’s quality of life both physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.  With husband Tary, Faye founded Deyin Taijiquan Institute and British Health Qigong Association. Both NGOs have become the most successful teacher training organisations in the UK.

In 2016, she was invited to teach Tai Chi and Health Qigong at the Presidential Palace for His Excellency President Higgins and First Lady of Ireland. In 2014, she was invited to deliver tai chi workshop at the World Economic Forum Summer Davos Annual Meeting and participate as a guest speaker in expert discussions.

As a talented performer, Faye organised multiple large-scale performances with her students, including the Queen’s Diamond Celebration, 2012 pre-Olympic London Qigong display and live display at the FA Championship soccer match as well as a number of shows at London prestigious West End Theatres.

She currently serves as a board member of the International Health Qigong Federation Executive Committee and TCUGB Executive Committee, the President of British Health Qigong Association and the Dean of the Deyin Taijiquan Institute (GB).

Faye’s workshops during the 3rd Yangsheng Meeting:

  • Qigong, a special medicine for the body & mind8 Brocades healing effects
  • Movement in Stillness – Enter the calmness to empower our practice
  • Flowing movements – Play with Tai Chi Fan

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Faye will bring some fans with her. If you already have one, please bring your own.

Faye’s work

We are working on an interview with Faye right now. Here you will find Qigong videos with Faye teaching the 8 Brocades:

8 Brocades Videos

Faye’s website