Laura Stone

Laura Stone

has been active as a T’ai Chi Ch’uan practitioner and teacher since 1972. She is fascinated by soft, grounded contact, flowing movement and the creation of space, everything to experience the connection with our innate natural balance and power.
At the same time, by training in T’ai Chi applications and boxing, she experienced how it is possible to relax and stay open under pressure; to have access to focused power without holding back; to learn and expand boundaries with playful and intensive training. Everything with precision, awareness and freedom.
As Grandmaster William C. C. Chen says, the core of T’ai Chi Ch’uan is to always know precisely what you are doing. End of story.

Laura has delighted in teaching for her whole life. She is always looking for the right words and refinements that allow each student to experience the essence of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. – This in an atmosphere of openness and softness.

Laura received her diploma from Grandmaster William C. C. Chen in 1986 and has had her own school since 1979 (T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, and The Studio School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Deventer, The Netherlands).

Laura Stone’s school

Laura Stones school “The Studio T’ai Chi” is located in Deventer, Netherlands.


Videos with Laura Stone

Laura Stone short form after William C. C. Chen

Tai Chi sword during a Demonstration in Hannover, Germany

Laura Stone Boxing