The Third Sequence of the Biospirals Method

Biospirals Method

This sequence of the Biospirals Method consolidates the principles of the Biospirals Method as it integrates the Methods breathing technique; Three Membrane Breathing, the meditative walk; the Empty Step, and part of the Second Sequence with the aim to activate and harmonies the visible and invisible systems of the body by use of the Primary Axis.
The benefits that can be gained from these movements are similar to those of the exercises in the second sequence, but are greater thanks to the spiralling movements of the skeletal and myofascial structure together with Three Membrane Breathing and the Empty step.
Each movement should be repeated taking 3 steps forwards and 5 steps backwards.
Before moving to the third level it is essential to have consolidated Three Membrane Breathing, the Empty step, and First and Second sequences by practicing each stage for a period of at least three months.

First Movement: Riding the Dragon
The principal effect of this exercise is calming the fire of the heart. Breathing during the torsion massages the kidneys.

Second Movement: Shiva Nataraja
This exercise helps to increase your awareness of the primary axis.

Third Movement: Large Inverse Spirals
This exercise activates the entire energy system of the meridians (spleen-pancreas, liver, stomach, gall bladder, kidneys and bladder) and the channels in the lower limbs.

Fourth Movement: Twisting Around an Axis
This exercise strengthens the entire energy system and improves the flow of Chi along the primary axis, from top to bottom and vice-versa.

Fifth Movement: The Serpent Looks for Its Tail
In this exercise, stretching the cranial-sacral axis allows energy to flow in a form of breathing: expanding and contracting, following the spirals traced by the structure of your body.

Video “3rd Sequence of the Biospirals Method”

On our Qigong-Exercise Channel you will find more Videos on the Biospirals Method! Verena Battilana performes the Third Sequence of the Biospirals Method in this video.

Biospirals Method

The Biospirals Method was born after in depth study of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. Through a series of meditations, breathing exercises and sequences based on the spiralling movements of energy in nature. The Biospirals Method strengthens the vital energy thus bringing the mind and body to a state of natural harmony. The Method is mainly experiential and develops physical well-being as well as psychophysical, for spiritual growth… Continue reading

Author: Gillian Reid, Centro Ricerche Tai Chi

Images: Centro Ricerche Tai Chi