James Lau K King

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Taiji & Qigong Finger Exercises

In both Taijiquan and Qigong, the ideal is to create an energy flow through the whole body. Concerning the limbs this would mean from the feet to the hands — ideally to the very tips of the fingers. To achieve this, every practitioner has to get to know the structure […]

James Lau K King

James Lau K King -The Founder of KINGTAICHI International 2000(拳道技馆創辦人) From 1977 on James Lau K King was Master Huang’s close disciple until his death and he also enjoyed his special 3 trust. He works as a journalist and chief editor of the China’s largest daily newspaper in Malaysia and […]

Interview with James Lau K King

Interview with James Lau K King on Huang’s system Master James Lau K King (刘恭庆) from Miri, Malaysia was so kind to give a in depth interview on his personal and Tai Chi life. He talks about his childhood how he met his teacher GM Huang Sheng Shyan in 1977.They had a very […]