Italian Push Hands Meeting

1st Italian Push Hands Meeting Albano Terma, Padova, Italy 2013

Italy_PushOver the last fews days of August and the first day of September 2013 Severino Maistrello of Wudang Fu Style Tai Chi hosted the first Italian Push Hands Meeting.

Staged in the fresh open park of Albano Terme’s San Marco Hotel the event attracted sixty plus participants, predominently from the local area with a few visitors from overseas.

The instructors came from various locations and offered a range of approaches to the work of push hands. They were: Paul Silfverstrale (Sweden) teaching Five Strategies in Push Hands, Nabil Ranne (DE) Push Hands and Shenfa, Ronnie Robinson (UK) A Meditative Approach to Push Hands, Nils Klug (DE) Body Mechanics of Yielding and Severino himself teaching  18 Basic Exercises.

Over the course of three days the participants, who all came with eager hearts and open minds, received a broad education on the many ways this often controversial art can be taught and practised.

Healthy, local produce was served for dinner with an abudance of delicious fresh fruit and salad with every meal, washed down with a reasonable red wine and followed by an espresso if it is your want.

Being in close proximity to Venice the venue was easily accessed from two airports via connecting trains en route to other Italian destinations. So if you want to extend your tui shou skills check out his website or our diary pages for details on dates.

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