Tai Chi and Qigong Images

Tai Chi and Qigong ImamgesThrough these pages we provide a selection of images which will either help to illustrate specific points of training in tai chi chuan, qigong (chi kung) etc. and also to look at particular aspects that are of interest to players of these Chinese Internal Arts.

When attending events across Europe and beyond you will see many examples of how friends and other fellow practitioners choose to promote their particular approach to the arts, via their T-Shirt designs. We have included a selection here for your interest and will be please to add yours to our collection too.

You may be an artist or designer who has been inspired by your practice in these arts and we’d welcome your work here for others to enjoy too.

See our media website for thousands of images!

Tai Chi T-Shirts

6th TCFE Competiton Image Gallery

Italian Push Hands Meeting

Author: Ronnie Robinson

Images: Ronnie Robinson