Push Hands: Sticking and Changing

Push Hands Basics “Sticking and Changing”

Push Hands Sticking Changing_Hella EbelTai Chi Pushing Hands or Tui Shou is one of the most valuable aspects of the art. Whilst the hand form trains us to develop good posture, balance, relaxation and structure push hands, through working sensitively with a partner, allows us to test our stability, intent and relaxation whilst under pressure.

In this short film Hella Ebel of Osnabrück, Germany illustrates the importance of sticking to our partner whilst pushing with both hands and varying our points of contact.
Hella Ebel, based in Osnabruck works extensively in Europe and is a close student of Wee Kee Jin.

Video “Push Hands Basics – Hella Ebel”

Author: Ronnie Robinson

Images: Ronnie Robinson