Taiji Forum 2017 – Call for support

Call for support: Taiji Forum 2017 – International Meeting

Here you’ll find our call for support for the 2nd Taiji Forum Meeting. If you look for the Taiji Forum 2017 “Yangsheng – Care for Life” please visit the page Taiji Forum 2017.

Dear friends of Taijiquan, Qigong and Wushu,

The Chinese internal (movement) arts are unique in their combination of health, martial and spiritual aspects. In the past decades the spreading of Chinese internal arts throughout the world has visibly increased. Both in China and worldwide new styles, schools and approaches evolved which are now complementing the traditional ways of teaching and training: one shared root developed many juicy leaves.

We believe that it is time to come together and share our experience in a joint meeting of East and West.

Our IdeaInternationalMeetingCompetition

  • to create an international meeting for the celebration of the wealth of the Chinese internal arts with participants from different countries throughout Europe and Asia – Teachers, Practitioners and Amateurs
  • to show and celebrate the different approaches and styles towards Taijiquan, Qigong, Wushu and other Chinese internal arts in all their rich varieties: from health to martial aspects, from traditional to „modern“ systems, from meditative to athletic performances
  • to provide space for workshops with the intention of furthering the international exchange based on our shared principles
  • to organize competitions both in form and push hands in the spirit of respectful contest

Programme (Draft)

Friday: Day of Schools, Associations and Training Groups

  • short taster workshops, demonstrations
  • Judges’ Seminar
  • Evening: Group demonstrations

Saturday/Sunday: In-depth Workshops and Competition

  • Qigong, Taijiquan, Wushu of all styles
  • International Taiji Forum Championship (ITFC) – International Competition for Taijiquan, Wushu and Tuishou
  • Sat: first rounds, form competitions / Sun: Form and Tuishou Finals; Ceremony
  • Saturday Evening: social evening

Place and Time

Location: Trade Fair City of Hanover, Germany
Date: 8. – 10. September 2017
Venue: University Sports Center Hannover; Kulturzentrum Faust / Tai Chi Studio
Language: English

Taiji Forum 2017

We want you! – Call for Support

The easiest way to support us is via social media: simply like us on facebook and stay in touch!

If you share our values of international exchange and our enthusiasm for Chinese internal arts and want to be part of the Taiji Forum 2017 project, by

  • contributing to the Day of the Schools with a workshop or a demonstration
  • acting as promoter (spread the word in your circles, head a delegation)
  • actively supporting our idea (provide funding as a sponsor, place your ad in our programme booklet)

please write an e-mail in English (alternatively in German or French) with your proposal and your contact details to:
We will get back to you!

We are also looking for partner associations and media partners. Offers for cooperation and/or mutual support are most welcome. – Do not hesitate to contact us to explore our joint possibilities!

Information concerning Advertising on Taji Forum

For additional information on the Taiji Forum Meeting visit this page regulary.


Nils Klug (GER) – Project Coordination

Wang Ning (China/GER), Yonghui Deistler-Yi (China/AT) – Intercultural Counselling

Gabi Kannenberg (GER) – Office

About “Taiji Forum

Save the date!

Taiji Forum Meeting 2016
12.-14. August 2016
For the full programme and registration details visit: https://taiji-forum.de/taiji-forum-2016/

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