Picture of the month

Picture of the month - Cheng Man Ching

Picture of the month- this idea came up while browsing through my hard drives. During my Tai Chi traveling of the last years I made quite a number of images. Well I am not a photographer like my friend Ken. But at least I had a few lucky strikes 😊.
I want to start with an image from my friend Ken van Sickle. He gave me quite a number of mages and other stuff during our last visit in New York City. Some of them I have never seen before. One of them is the todays image of the month. Since Cheng Man Ching‘s birthday is the 29th of July I decided to start with this one.

More pictures of the month to come

You can look forward to more images from Ken as well as some lucky strikes from myself or my favourite photos.

Author: Nils Klug
Image: Ken van Sickle

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