Ways to learn – Exchange Meetings

Ways to learn Qigong and Taijiquan part 4:

Exchange Meetings

There are many ways to learn Qigong and Taijiquan.
We have considered the pros and cons of some:

Exchange Meetings

Are you curious about what other Qigong and Tajijquan enthusiasts are up to? Do you want to experience how many ways there are to learn and develop? Do you want to know how far you have got? Exchange meetings provide an excellent opportunity to discover new aspects of the art, once you got a bit into it.

Ways to learn - Exchange meetings


  • Join the community! Qigong and Taijiquan have the same principles, expressed in various forms. Exchange meetings are an uncomplicated way to connect and to get to know other enthusiasts.
  • Get a fresh view! Seeing others practising or receiving feedback from fellow participants does give one a new look on one’s own practise.
  • Discover new aspects of your old hobby! Short sessions with content from related methods or other internal arts will enrich your practice in many ways.
  • Experience new ways of communication. Especially in Taijiquan, communication across different styles is rooted in practical applications, like e.g. in Pushing Hands. To realistically test your skills in this area, it is best to practise from time to time with practitioners form other styles who are not used to your way of Pushing Hands or your techniques as your usual training partners from your school or style are.
  • Being a teacher with advanced skills, exchange meetings provide an opportunity to enhance your knowledge or to round off your theoretical foundation. Networking with open-minded colleagues is a nice extra.


  • Receiving comments from other practitioners (“You are doing it wrong.”) may not be easy at first, especially when one knows what one is doing and why. Finding a way into a meaningful communication may be a challenge to face.
  • You do not know what will happen once you are there! 😉

Ways to learn Qigong and Taijiquan

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