Staying in Professor Cheng’s house – learning through questions and answers

Staying in Professor Cheng’s house
Professor Cheng’s house 2016

But anyway, when you stayed in Professor Cheng’s house, then you know you have to … – you are watching him doing it. You see how he is doing everyday, not only learning just in class, but at the same time you are watching him how he is proceeding the things, how he does the things and you are learning from him. At the same time when he is getting tired and he practices form… – so I am watching all the time. But even though, I did not ask him questions all the time. Somehow people always came in asking questions, but he had one problem: He spoke my native Wenzhou dialect, but even though he spoke Mandarin, sometimes Mandarin people might not understand what he was saying. Yeah, so a lot of Taiwanese came in and spoke Taiwanese – the communication was a little bit off. But since I was young I knew how to speak a little bit Taiwanese and Mandarin and at the same time my home dialect, so therefore I could relate to somebody’s question and then I translated it, he answered the question and I translated back. So that gave me a lot of ideas just from the transition – people asking questions and he answering the questions. That gave me a lot of time to learn these things. If… – I by myself, I never asked him questions. I never knew – first of all he was busy all the time. If you asked him questions all the time probably he might have kicked me out, because when he was free he wanted to be free. – But if somebody else came in and asked him questions, he had no choice so he had to answer the question and every time he answered the questions I had to be there.

You talked about the iron shirt, the neigong. Is that like… – you said something like “it’s a secret”. Can you talk about it at all or…?

But actually, if he learned how to take the shots in his sleeping, he had train to take the shots. He is sleeping. So who is going to give the shots? So I am the one that gives the shots. And as far as how this goes – if he didn’t give out the permission to tell anybody, so I have no permission to talk about it. – But that’s why they still keep a little secret until we get into it more deep. So that’s it.

I understand and I respect that.

Yeah, sure.

Interview led by Nils Klug in 2012, Tai Chi Studio, Hannover


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