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ON ZON SU – Traditional Taoist Foot Massage

WHAT IS ON ZON SU? On Zon Su is an ancient art for health; its basis dates back from the masters of pre-dynastic China. Handed down for thousands of years, it is still used by some traditional Taoist physicians. On Zon Su is the origin of modern reflexology, but it’s […]

Michael Beck (Hannover, Germany) – TCM / Qigong

Michael’s life and work I was born in 1953 and I am originally from the Saar region. For 20 years now I am a resident general practitioner specialized in methods of natural healing, acupuncture and homoeopathy in Hannover (Germany). During my specialist training as a doctor for natural healing methods, […]

Gordon Faulkner

Gordon Faulkner Chanquanshu School of Daoist Arts Gordon Faulkner is the Director and Principal Instructor of the Chanquanshu School of Daoist Arts, a school that teaches Yangsheng (nourishing the vital principle) practices that cover martial, medical and meditational arts.Recognised for his outstanding abilities in these fields in both the West and […]

Acupuncture Points of the Dantian

(English Version of a German article by Markus Ruppert, Alternative Therapist and Qigong Teacher) Depending on the school of practice of the Author or the Qigong Master, different concentration points and descriptions of the lower Dantian can be found. Roughly, it can be stated that the lower Dantian is situated […]

Taiji Forum 2017 – Yangsheng – Care for Life

Taiji Forum Meeting 8th- 10th of September 2017 Qigong – TCM – Calligraphy – Taijiquan – I Ching – Bagua The 2nd Taiji Forum Meeting took place from September, 8th to September, 10th 2017 in Hannover, Germany. Thanks to all participants and teachers! Yangsheng Meeting 2018 See our new website […]

Interview on TCM

Interview with Dr Wei Xiong Chen on Traditional Chinese Medicine Ronnie Robinson talks to Dr Wei Xiong Chen Dr Wei Xiong Chen is a third generation Doctor of Chinese medicine. He grew up in Guangzhou, China where his Grandfather, father, uncle and brother were worked with Traditional Chinese Medicine. From the […]

Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine Anyone who is studying tai chi and, in particular, qigong will become acquainted with the basic elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. This is because all Chinese health systems are based on a holistic approach to well-being where the whole person is looked […]