Hui Chun Gong

Hui Chun Gong exercise instructions with video

Hui Chun Gong exercise instructions with video

Hui Chun Gong is a set of exercises known throughout China as exercises for rejuvenating and energising. Its origin is Quan Zhen, the school of Daoist inner alchemy on the Hua Shan. Hui Chun Gong forms part of Nei Dan – the inner elixir. According to the theory of Nei Dan, the Qi should circle unrestrainedly from the inside through the body to vitalize the meridians, the organs and the whole body. In this process letting go – Song – plays a decisive role. On top of the general health benefits, this Qigong is said to produce numerous other positive effects such as: firming and tightening of skin and muscles, stabilization of bones, improvement of the memory as well as the sexual function.

Exercise instruction „Mao Hu Gong – Cat and tiger exercise“

We stand with the feet about shoulder width apart, the hands loose beside the body. Then we lift our hands – palms facing upwards and turning at breast height – and lead them up above the head as if we wanted to push something up. Then we turn 90° to the left and move the left foot forward into the bow step. Now we lead the hands downwards sideways below the front knee. While doing so we slightly tilt forward and fold hands. Then we turn back to an upright position and lead the hands upwards in front of the face, while lightly tilting backwards. We straighten up again, move the weight to the front and press both palms out – upwards and to the front.
Now we turn 90° to the right and repeat the exercise with a step forward to the left. Then we step back into the horse stands and repeat the sequence without stepping. When the hands are back up, we turn 90° to the right, make a step forward to the right and repeat the exercise again. Finally, we turn 90° to the right for a second time and repeat the sequence one last time, again with the right foot in front in the bow step. Then we turn 180° to the front, back to the starting position and let the hands sink slowly in front of the body.

Video „Mao Hu Gong – Cat and tiger exercise“

Author: Yonghui Deistler-Yi

Images: Yonghui Deistler-Yi and Taiji Forum

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