Christoph Stumpe

Christoph Stumpe, Shen Men Institut

Christoph Stumpe, Shen Men Institut

Christoph Stumpe is a graduate sports scientist and director of the Shen Men Institute. He has taught Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Meditation and Chinese Massage for more than 20 years.
His training includes stages with different masters and teachers in Germany, Switzerland and the USA as well as at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine in Beijing, China. After working as a practical therapist in the division for TCM in a hospital (Johanniter Krankenhaus Radevormwald) for many years, he is now working from his own private practice as vocational trainer, seminar director and TCM-Therapist(SMI). Christoph has received a specialist training in energy medicine and somatic psychotherapy at the International Institut for Biosynthesis in Switzerland. Presently he works at his doctor’s thesis for the University Duisburg-Essen, Chair for Natural Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

Themes: Yuan Shen and Tuina against neck and shoulder pain

Tuina against neck and shoulder pain


Workshop with numerous practical applications
Tuina, the traditional manual therapy of Chinese Medicine, is one of the eldest therapeutic methods in the history of mankind. It has been used for thousands of years for prevention and cure of illnesses. Apart from the methods of acupressure known in the West, Tuina uses about approx. 20 further maunal techniques for stimulating and balancing the life energy Qi. With the help of acupuncture points and meridians and by adhering to the most important principles of TCM (five elements, Yin and Yang, the three treasures, the eight guiding criteria etc.) Tuina relieves pain, especially pain originating in the musculoskeletal system, but it is also successfully applied in the treatment of internal and gynaecological ailments.
In this workshop, we will cover important and easy manual techniques as well as relevant acupuncture points and meridians to be able to treat neck and shoulder ailments, which are a widely spread phenomenon throughout the population. Additionally, we will get some hands-on practice in the indication and localisation of acupuncture and the right choice of manipulation concerning duration and intensity.

„Yuan Shen – What you really are “
Healing from the heart

Workshop with exercises of Yuan Shen Gong (Heart Qigong)
The Yuan Shen is our divine self, what we really are. It is what exists behind all embodiments, appearances, programmations and imaginations. It is that what we really are. We are infinite, timeless and complete. Out of this consciousness arises holistic healing and the realisation of the unity of all things. From our heart centre, we are permanently connected to the Yuan Shen, which enables us to mobilise this vital force for healing and realising what we really are. All that which is believed by us to separate us from the source dissolves itself in the consciousness of Yuan Shen and brings us towards the resources of our soul and towards healing. It is in our hearts, where the knowing divine consciousness is rooted, which is called „yuanshen“ by the Daoists and which forms the foundation of holistic healing.
The central idea of Yuan Shen Gong (Heart Qigong) is the conscious orientation towards the „divine spark“ in ourselves. The radiance of the spirit „shenming“, which is strengthened by the heart Qigong routines, is employed to clear up blocked energy. Barriers, internal unrest and tensions dissolve and a sense of presence and tranquility begins to spread. While Yuan Shen Gong is especially useful to treat heart diseases, psychological dysbalances and chronic ailments, it has also been successfully applied as a tool for self-realisation.

Author: Christoph Stumpe

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