Introduction Biospirals

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All forms of live are maintained and sustained by a central energy that originates from Essence and expresses itself according to a rhythm:
Basic (Primary) Breathing.

While performing Tai Chi and Biospirals students trace spirals around the body’s axis


All living things and forms from the earth receive support from the sky which radiates energy in the form of heat and allows expansion and growth, this energy enables us to live. Though we cannot see it and it remains unknown it constitutes the vital force and conscience of human beings, animals and vegetables. In humans, this energy concentrates in vortex centres along the cerebral spinal axis and then moves toward the periphery in spiraling paths, positive or negative charges that constantly interact with all the other centres. The spirals that divide and at the same time connect the centre and the periphery, open and close a space creating a chamber. For forms to be created and to be able to function, they require centres of energy concentrations so that their flow can move according to defined settings, paths and models, otherwise energy will run out.
The movements suggested by the Biospirals® Method are models of ideal paths for maintaining, restoring and increasing the consistency between these settings.
The cosmos breathes. Inhaling the spirit contracts, concentrates and creates, spiraling its way into the centre it unwinds into matter. Exhaling matter expands, evolves and unwinds into spirit. When we consciously participate in this perpetual dance we become the non-active controller of this pulse, (wu wei). With awareness we inhale, then, exhaling we expand out consciousness. Exhalation is the return to the original pulse. Everything participates in this impulse, from cells to the rhythmic pulsating of galaxies. From the opening and closing of the Tai Chi movements and the occurrence of our experience through life to the circulation of the most subtle energies. Every spiral stands for a cycle in the development of the Whole, and, since every part is part of the whole, the end will be merely a beginning. Considering moments in this way changes correspond to the union of different evolutionary stages. Death appears like an intersection that allows rebirth in a subsequent state. Man lives and dies between these two eternities.

While performing Tai Chi and Biospirals® students trace spirals around the body’s axis to represent the movements of the cosmos; planets, atoms, galaxies and electrons with their resonance chamber, and through these movements, take part in the Great Dance. Referring to their centre, they create a still point inside their body and bring the universe back to life.
Despite this enormous energy reserve, nature could not constantly expand without returning to its centre. The cycles that define seasons, periods of rest, awakenings, and change depend on this constant return.
Biological rhythms have a genetic origin. Rhythmicity and the capacity to oscillate, not only in human spaces but in all manifestations of life, are fundamental properties of living matter and its elementary unit: the cell.
Even though this rhythm originates from inside, the external environment has a fundamental influence on organisms in terms of synchronizing them and regulating their phases. Think of the billions and billions of cells that make up the human physical structures, all working together in a harmonious and consistent manner. Whether this energy comes from the soul, or whether it is mental, emotional or physical, it always manifests in periods, cycles and moving waves that follow a spiral course.
Energy concentrated in a centre of a field or resonance chamber is characterized by a vibration, vital irradiating elasticity, and it expands in a harmoniously balanced manner following specific, spiral shaped orbits. As the particles that made up the flow expand towards the outer limit, they lose energy in proportion to the distance that separates them from the centre.
The vortexes of energy from which Biospirals veer, whether they are made up of particle waves, molecules, atoms or individual units, form their own reality in space, a field. The resistance of space is felt on the surface of these fields, a force that tightens around them and slows their energy flow creating surface tension. It is this process that causes the external surfaces and the hardest coverings to be formed. The earth’s crust, the skull, the layer around magnetic fields, the shell of a snail or a conch, etc., etc. Their faction is to protect and limit the internal magnetic field, to contain the spinning spirals tendency to expand and help transform its polarity.

Before practicing Biospirals Meditation it can be useful to meditate on the Sphera Elikoides

We, like all other beings, are expressions and instruments of creativity. The Universe is immutable in its expression of infinite vibration of cosmic “Chi”, it’s force and essence. Living and non-living things are systems and processes created and used by the universe in order to manifest itself and express creativity… Continue reading

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Author: Master Franco Mescola, Centro Ricerche Tai Chi

Images: Centro Ricerche Tai Chi