Sphera Elikoides Meditaion

Before practicing Biospirals Meditation it can be useful to meditate on the Sphera Elikoides

Sphera Elikoides

We, like all other beings, are expressions and instruments of creativity. The Universe is immutable in its expression of infinite vibration of cosmic “Chi”, it’s force and essence. Living and non-living things are systems and processes created and used by the universe in order to manifest itself and express creativity. The space in which this phenomenon takes place is a resonance cavity, a hollow space, a force field or cosmic egg and its state is “Wu Chi” the undifferentiated void. In this cavity, never-ending manifestations produce and follow spirals and whirls. SPHAERA ELIKOIDES reproduce a synthesis that symbolizes the path which Life itself follows in order to become tangible, to maintain and reproduce itself. Life, the pathways and energy are a unity.


Suspend the sphere by a thin silk thread. Wind it up by spinning it clockwise and observe its motion as it unwinds spinning anti-clockwise thus returning to clockwise, ever slowing until it comes to a stop. Its tendency to reach immobility represents the entropic principle. The sphere represents systems and the form. Our action, the energy and the intention.

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Author: Master Franco Mescola, Centro Ricerche Tai Chi

Images: Centro Ricerche Tai Chi