Biospirals Method

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Activating Upper & Lower Dan Tien

The Moebius Strip – Activating the Upper and Lower Dan Tien (Dantian) The Moebius Strip The Moebius strip is a graphic depiction first created in 1800 by the German mathematician August Ferdinand Moebius. As well as symbolizing infinity it represents the indissoluble unity of material and spiritual dimensions of reality: […]

Sphera Elikoides Meditaion

Before practicing Biospirals Meditation it can be useful to meditate on the Sphera Elikoides We, like all other beings, are expressions and instruments of creativity. The Universe is immutable in its expression of infinite vibration of cosmic “Chi”, it’s force and essence. Living and non-living things are systems and processes […]

The Third Sequence of the Biospirals Method

This sequence of the Biospirals Method consolidates the principles of the Biospirals Method as it integrates the Methods breathing technique; Three Membrane Breathing, the meditative walk; the Empty Step, and part of the Second Sequence with the aim to activate and harmonies the visible and invisible systems of the body by […]