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8 Health exercises

8 Health Exercises

8 Health Exercises after Sha Guozheng This set of 8 health exercises doesn’t leave you wishing more: It is easy to start learning and offers quite a lot if you do understand to take the poetic titles of each exercise as your script/direction and let them be unfolded!Practicing these eight health exercises will […]

Chi Kung Healing

Chi Kung Healing – An Overview Chi Kung Healing (CKH) relates to two distinct areas: Clinical Chi Kung/ Qigong, which is treatment by the healer; and Self-Practice, which is done by the individual and often recommended by the healer. As such, it is the only healing modality that is both […]


The Tai Chi and Chi Kung Forum for Health

The Tai Chi and Chi Kung Forum for Health (UK) provides training for taiji and qigong teachers who wish to teach people who are living in or spending their days in residential homes, hospitals, hostels, prisons, day centres and shelters. The students may have visual impairment, aural impairment, physical difficulties, […]

Tai Chi for Health

Good health is considered to be a state where one is free from disease, well balanced and in a good place in the body, mind and spirit. In the work of Chinese Internal Arts there are a myriad of methods for improving and maintaining a healthy state of being. Unlike […]