Reasons to start Tai Chi

10 reasons to start Tai Chi

Modern society with its increased pace and consumerism makes multiple demands on every individual: Do well in your career while caring for your near and dear, but do not forget your self-development goals! Trivial questions as well as life choices fill our heads: How can I cope with the pressure of deadlines? What is best to do next? Am I happy with my life? – Possible life projects and commitments seem to linger at every corner. Living in the digital age, our brain is overflowing with impressions and ideas, positive as well as negative.
If the outer world is stressful – go into the opposite direction: Finding calmness in yourself may be your only option! Practising Tai Chi opens up a space just for you, your body and your wellbeing.

10 reasons to start Tai Chi

  1. Relaxation
    Tai Chi is a method of focused relaxation. You will learn how to lead tension out of your body while increasing your contact to the earth.
  2. Relieve for back and neck pains
    Many professions tend to put pressure on the spine, be it heavy bodily work or office work where one is bent over the PC with folded legs, one hand always at the mouse. Tai Chi strengthens your back muscles, gently leading to a new, less painful alignment of your body.
  3. Wellness and health
    Beginning to learn Tai Chi does not require a high degree of fitness. That makes it ideal for rehabilitation after an illness as well as for preventive reasons. Even some minutes training per day further your overall wellbeing.
  4. Meditation
    While doing Tai Chi, we coordinate body, mind and breath. This “meditation in movement” furthers calmness and balance. It helps you to find your inner middle while freeing your head from unnecessary thoughts and worries.
  5. Gain momentum and feel the flow!
    Tai Chi is a part of Qigong, which means the furthering of life energy (Qi). During the exercise, the blood circulation is activated: the Qi is flowing through the body. Why not practise just for the flow?
  6. Self-defence
    Tai Chi as an art of self-defence does neither begin nor end with hitting someone. You will learn how to deal better with job pressures and how to defend yourself in every-day conflicts, be it in public or in private life, or even how to avoid them in the first place.
  7. Taking a deep breath…
    Tai Chi practice develops deep breathing. More oxygen is transported to the organs and into the tissues. This helps to detoxify the body and enables the heart and the inner organs to work at full capacity.
  8. Living with both feet firmly on the ground
    Tai Chi strengthens the leg muscles, so that tension held in the upper body and the arms can be transferred downwards: Your rooting and your stability will improve.
  9. The beauty of the movements
    Slow, gentle and almost effortless – once you mastered the basic choreography of the form, you will experience the joy of harmonious movement!
  10. Daoism: A gentle way of life
    Tai Chi with its endless possibilities of self-development is a great way to experience the principles of Daoism in practice. As Laozi said: “A true traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.“ Why not start your own journey?

Author: Taiji-Forum

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