Breathing – Tai Chi Aspects


Breathing in Taijiquan is the topic of todays Tai Chi Aspect. While we prepare our move we exhale. When growing into the posture we inhale. The breathing is supporting the compression in our body. While exhaling we decrease the compression. Inhaling increases the pressure in our body. The changes of compression make our posture like suggested in in the Tai Chi Classics.

Video Breathing in Tai Chi

Tai Chi Aspects

Tai Chi Aspects are single images and concepts on which one may concentrate while doing the form. They are tools for form refinement and are meant to encourage discovering, trying out of alternatives and learning.

The videos on Tai Chi Aspects have been developed in the course of our “Tai Chi at home” project. All aspects are shortly presented by Nils Klug and and then demonstrated by means of our 8 movement, which has been specially created for the project.