🇬🇧 4 Postures – Yield and change

Yield and change

In this exercise, the partner on the left alternately pushes the left and right shoulders of the partner on the right.

The focus of the partner on the right is to yield the pushes, i.e. to get out of the way of the attack without giving up his structure.

The attacking partner at first continues single-mindedly to push, push, push… – When the yielding partner is accustomed to the pattern, he is allowed to change: he may now add an answer at the end of his yield.

4 Postures

As you can see, the answer can take many forms: pulling to the left or right respectively up or down or pushing into the direction of the partner in the moment when she is aiming for the other shoulder.

The task of the former attacker – now „under attack“ – is to let the action take effect without struggling against it and without making herself too heavy or to light. This way the changing partner on the right can test his structural integrity throughout the change.

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Video Yield and change