Kick like Bert

Kick like Bert

Tai Chi – Kick with the foot
like Bert

The essential tip for kicks with the foot is to move your leg as one – do it like Bert does. (You may leave your second leg on the ground though… 🦵🤗 ).

✅ Move like Bert
This is a tip especially for beginners, but also advanced students tend to lift the upper part of the leg first and then kick with the foot. You should take care to avoid that. It might be looking good in slow motion, but it gets too slow – and messy! – when you try it fast. (Also: the “kick with the heel” should be your go-to move in the form for that patern of movement!)

✅ Speed it up
Once you mastered to move your leg as one like Bert, you can easily speed it up by picking up only the the toes instead of lifting the whole leg.

✅ Slow down again
Then slow down again and try activating the toes all the way until you reach your final posture. Here again, both our hands and our feet start and stop at the same time – like Master Bert’s!

Have fun practicing!

Kick like Bert Video