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Tai Chi in the City

This video is about Tai Chi in the City with Barry McGinlay. Learn more about Barry McGinlay Barry is a World Tai Chi champion, Gold medalist pushing hands in the world famous Taiwan world championship and European Gold medalist, and has coached International World, European and National tai chi champions. […]

How to find a good Qigong or Tai Chi teacher? – A small guide

The title of a “teacher” or even a “master” or a “grandmaster” is not protected. Anyone can call him/herself “Qigong Master” or “Tai Chi Master” and open a school. So how to sift out the good ones? It is important to choose your teacher wisely. You should avoid hopping around […]

Prepare your Tai Chi / Qigong trial lesson

Tips – Prepare your trial lesson A good preparation is half of the pie! For your way to the Tai Chi / Qigong trial lesson, we have assembled a few hints and some questions for you to chew on. Try to look behind the façade When going to trial lessons, you […]

How to learn Tai Chi? Shoes & Clothes

How to learn Tai Chi?  Questions and Answers for Beginners What to wear? – Tai Chi Clothing Your Tai Chi clothing should be comfortable and your shoes should be supportive, but light. Tai Chi Shoes Too much structure on the sole of the shoes may impede the turning in of […]

Reasons to start Tai Chi

Modern society with its increased pace and consumerism makes multiple demands on every individual: Do well in your career while caring for your near and dear, but do not forget your self-development goals! Trivial questions as well as life choices fill our heads: How can I cope with the pressure […]


Variations of spelling: T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Taiji Quan. Taijiquan (traditional Chinese: 太極拳, modernized Chinese: 太极拳, pinyin: tàijíquán, Wade-Giles: t’ai chi ch’üan, pronunciation) is a Chinese internal martial art. It is commonly translated as Highest / Ultimate Fist or Supreme Ultimate Boxing and often simply referred to as “Taiji” or “Tai […]

Tai Chi Xuan Chuan

From Biospirals to Tai Chi Xuan Chuan There are many forms of Chi Kung and Tai Chi just as there are many schools. What then is the difference between the Biospirals Method and Tai Chi Xuan Chuan in respect to other forms and stiles? Its name could also be “Synthesis”, […]

Biospirals Method

The Biospirals Method created by Master Franco Mescola, Italy The Biospirals Method was born after in depth study of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. Through a series of meditations, breathing exercises and sequences based on the spiralling movements of energy in nature. The Biospirals Method strengthens the vital energy thus […]

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West – A Review

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West – A Review

The documentary The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West by Barry Strugatz/Ken van Sickle can be warmly recommended. Both Barry Strugatz and Ken van Sickle are themselves practitioners of Taijiquan, the latter being a master Student of Cheng Man Ching himself – their documentary view is thus one from the inside. […]

Taiji Leads to the Esoteric

Both Taiji and esoteric study have a deep effect on our actions, our character and our other pursuits in life. Taiji practice disciplines the body for mental control and presents opportunities to experience kinesthetically a “Pure Presence.” Taiji’s slow, precise movements are perhaps more conducive to meditation for a westerner […]